1:1 Copy Review Session

Soothe and release copy-related tension


Maybe you have some draft copy, but you’re not happy with it.

Maybe you have copy out there, but it’s not performing.

Maybe you just want to pick an expert brain for half an hour.


Any website page, emails, social posts – as much as we can cover in the time!

You can even use the call just to pick my brain – but for maximum value, I recommend having some copy to look at.

Even if you can’t stand what you (OR SOMEONE ELSE) wrote. 

(I promise, there’s something to work with.)


The session is £85.00 GBP payable on booking.


  • I review your copy before we speak and prepare my detailed feedback
  • 30 minute call to discuss your copy & any questions you have
  • Transcript and video file so you can review the call and put ideas into practice.

Quick-turnaround copy service

For when the deadline's approaching...

You either love or loathe writing for your business. 

But in any case you’re low on time. You’re not doing what needs to be done. 

It’s because you’re too busy.

Or it feels too hard!

It’s because you can’t sit down in a quiet room and just write, without having a thousand more ideas, all of which deserve your full attention. 

Maybe there’s no deadline at all, but you work on intuition and you don’t like waiting. 

Your people need this thing, now!

(But, being realistic, you’d need to skip meals, sleep and general wellbeing to deliver it…)

That’s where I come in.

This service works best when you need:
  • A sales page
  • Ad copy
  • Social posts
  • An email sequence
  • All of the above

…and you need them fast.

How does it work?

Bigger projects, less stress…

Got something else you’d like me to work on?

Perhaps it’s a website project. 

Or some copy you need writing regularly.

Perhaps you’d like a brand voice document. Or an overhaul of your tone of voice for different platforms. 

I’d love to help – drop me a line and I’ll reply to any questions. 

If you’re keen we can book a quick chat to talk about what you need. 

Her first drafts were basically the finished article. 

She’s easy to brief and most importantly the copy gets results! She nails her research and tone of voice, so. Highly recommend.

Sarah Monteith,
Marketing Consultant

Any questions?