Let’s take the stress out of writing copy.

You’re here because you’re not 100% sure your copy is working as hard as it could.

I’m here to take the hard work out of the equation. 

Once upon a time, I whipped up marketing copy for 200 book launches a year, as an in-house marketing executive for major book publishers.

Campaigns and copywriting projects ranged from modest (social media only) to colossal (international, posters, press ads, popups all over the internet….). 

Now I work with a handful of clients like you each month, so I can get into the details and make a bigger difference.

Years of marketing bestselling authors taught me how to see sparks of connection between the written word, and an engaged audience. 

A split-second connection with copy tells readers: this is the book you need.

A split-second connection with your ad or website creates a relationship with your business. 

That split second connection looks effortless.

But nailing it takes work.

Do I write off the cuff? Perfect draft, first time?


I’m a compulsive redrafter.

I cut between 30-80% of what I write. 

But you don’t see it til it’s looking good.

I do A TON of market research. I draft and I redraft. I work closely with clients to pin down:

  • Mission
  • Values 
  • Tone of voice 

…to create something that represents YOUR ethos and vision. 

I love this work because while we all grapple with the self-doubt demon, I get to remind you what you’re good at, and help the world see it, too.

Any questions?