Copywriter specialising in good vibes.

Need to get some writing done for your business? I help you spread joy and make sales, via pitch-perfect copy.

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You’ve put everything into creating a service that will make a real difference.

And it’s almost ready to go.

But right now you’re staring up Mount Copy, wondering how long it’ll take to get to the top.

Pause. Breathe. 

You can:

  • Write copy that connects with the right audience
  • Make it sound like you, while making sales
  • Maintain your all-important, work- , life-, everything-enhancing chill

Not by pushing through

We don’t do that here. 

Not by giving up decent meals, or time outdoors, or actual face-to-face human connection.

Not with all-night writing sessions that wipe you out for a week. 

Don’t be silly. 

You can do it by giving your copy muscles some much-needed rest & relaxation.

Bea just seemed to get what I was after straight away.

Great for someone like me, running a business alone and getting pulled in hundreds of directions at once!

Becca Maberly,
A Mother Place

I can:

  • Look at what’s wrong (and what’s right!) with your existing copy
  • Turn great work around fast (so you can launch on schedule after all)
  • Work closely with you to drive that project you thought you’d never get done (because….all that writing?! When? How? Me. I’m how.)

Her first drafts were basically the finished article. 

She’s easy to brief and most importantly the copy gets results! She nails her research and tone of voice, so. Highly recommend.

Sarah Monteith,
Marketing Consultant

I’m Bea, founder and Sales Page Spirit-Guide at Mellow Copy.

I help you get clear and specific about your most radiant qualities.

And show you how to share them with the world via pitch-perfect copy.

I work with both corporate teams and individual business owners including therapists and experts in mindfulness, yoga, nutrition, parenting and beyond.

Clients say:

A wellspring of ideas and enthusiasm

Ian Rowley, The Haslemere Bookshop

Bea’s an absolute asset to any team and a joy to work with

Gemma Shelley, Deputy Marketing Director, Little, Brown Book Group

Bea came in for a live workshop to help guide copy on some of our client-facing materials and she was fantastic. I really appreciated her overall energy, approach, manner, and creative thinking

Jason Bartholomew, CEO, Midas PR

Bea really understood the heart of my business.

The way she wrote my ad copy reflected that so well, and elevated the ad copy in line with the way my brand and business have evolved.

Heidi Skudder, The Parent and Baby Coach